"What is the turnaround time for keepsakes?"
Turnaround time is 5-15 weeks from when I receive your additives, due to the handcrafting of the customized setting(s) of your choosing. The process of preparing your additive is also a lengthy step, that has to be done just right in order to ensure quality and longevity for your keepsakes. I appreciate your understanding of these processes and the time that they all take. Check-ins of orders are not permitted, as a follow-up email will be sent with tracking information once your keepsakes are shipped.
"What amount of additives are needed?" (breastmilk, ashes, hair, etc.)
BREASTMILK: At the very least 1 tablespoon is needed and manageable. Please no more than 2 ounces unless asked otherwise. Every drop will be used nonetheless! I completely understand the different stages of breastfeeding and or nursing, so please give yourself some grace through those stages milk mama! Also be mindful, that I can even use expired breastmilk, no matter how old! 
ASHES: 2 Teaspoons of ashes are needed to create keepsake(s) If you have a little less, I promise I can still make magic happen, whatever is not used will be sent back with your keepsakes. 
HAIR: 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of hair in length. The hair should be able to clearly wrap around your finger, in the sense more than one 1-inch hair strand is needed. The more hair I have to work with the better.
"How do I get my additives to you?" 
Priority mail is always the best option for shipping additives for your keepsakes, to ensure safe arrival. All mail can be sent to:
Estelle's Elegant Elements
3151 Cape Horn Rd. #174
RED LION, PA 17356
"How do I ship additives?" 
BREASTMILK: Breastmilk can be shipped frozen, thawed, fresh, or expired. Use a watertight container or a breastmilk storage bag. After bagging that item in a sealed bag, place an absorbent material around this liquid, enough material so that it is a cushion between your liquid and packaging. Suggested absorbent materials include cellulose wadding, cotton balls, superabsorbent packets, and paper towels. You will be shipping this Priority Mail to the below-listed address, which is the perfect size padded mailing envelope for your package. 
Others: Use a container with a sealed lid or a sealed bag. After bagging that item in a sealed bag, place some sort of padding so that it is a cushion between the item and the packaging. Place this bag into the Priority Mail padded mailing envelope, and ship it to the below-listed address.
Estelle's Elegant Elements
3151 Cape Horn Rd. #174
RED LION, PA 17356
"What material is used for the jewelry?"
All material used is listed in the description of each piece. 925 Silver or Sterling Silver & plated options are the most of the current product list. With the exception of The Golden Collection, which carries all 14K or 18K Gold options. All jewelry orders include a detailed care card with instructions on how to properly care for your keepsake(s) to ensure their longevity as well as your satisfaction.

"What about refunds?"
As above mentioned the process of creating and hand-crafting your keepsakes is no fast or simple task. No two pieces are ever going to be identical, the best way to ensure exactly what you want in your piece is to list it in the details as that is most efficient way allowing me to create your keepsakes. From the moment you send a message inquiring about a keepsake, the time it takes to find unique yet loved settings, communicating back & fourth, to the creating, packaging, and all the other magic that happens behind the scenes, it's all work I pour into my business as a one-woman show. All communication in regards to your keepsakes are best to be done through the website, I understand FB has been a big source but it is nearly impossible to keep track of every message & request that is added through messages. That being said, all orders are nonrefundable or transferrable.
"What if I'd love a different setting that I don't see available?"
While the options for personalization and different customizations are endless, the possible setting options are even more endless. If you are interested in custom options, please feel free to reach out to me personally or by utilizing the contact us page on this website. Please include material & color preferences, desired stone shape, and some keywords in order to better narrow down a loved option. (Ex: 14K RoseGold, Round, Simple not too extravagant would love to have a jeweled band.)

As always, I am eternally grateful for each & every single customer, believer, or supporter that has helped me along this journey. I appreciate the patience, support, and love that is consistently shown, reminding me why I continue to love doing this for all of you!